Outcomes Conference 2018


Thursday, Apr 19 at 9:00am

Excellence in ministry begins in the boardroom. Board excellence leads to enhanced trust and greater missional impact. With a combined 100+ board years of service, these presenters will share what sets excellent boards apart and discuss examples of where boards have excelled and where they’ve fallen short. Outcomes:

1) Equip board members with resources to serve with excellence,

2) Recognize real-life situations that lead to a breakdown in board governance, and

3) Utilize sound governance practices to enhance trust and missional impact of organizations.

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge, Intermediate (builds on a basic program, most appropriate for persons in a mid-level position with operational and/or supervisory responsibilities), Prerequisite: 3+ years leadership experience or CCNL enrollment, Group Live. Session is worth 1.5 credits


Dan Busby- President

Dan Busby