Outcomes Conference 2018


Wednesday, Apr 18 at 2:00pm

Join this session to keep a pulse on the latest issues impacting churches and ministries. The state of many policy issues, including the future of comprehensive tax reform, will directly impact nonprofits and churches.  These once in a generation policy changes could dramatically restrict incentives for givers to support churches and ministry. Outcomes:

1) Update leaders on policy issues that may impact their church or ministry,

2) Analyze the impact of comprehensive tax reform, and

3) Discuss challenges of recent litigation and its ramifications going forward.

Field of Study: Business Law, Basic, Group Live. Session is worth 1.5 credits


Dan Busby- President

Dan Busby

John R. Wylie- Attorney

John R. Wylie

John Van Drunen- Executive Vice President/General Counsel

John Van Drunen

Executive Vice President/General Counsel