Outcomes Conference 2018


Start: Thursday, Apr 19 · 8:30 a.m.
End: Thursday, Apr 19 · 5:30 p.m.


  • Amy Sewell, Director of Digital Solutions - Douglas Shaw & Associates
  • Douglas Shaw, Chairman/CEO - Douglas Shaw & Associates
  • Wiley Stinnett, Executive Creative Director/Sr. Vice President, Strategy & Insights - Douglas Shaw & Associates

Explore topics such as how often to ask for donations, when branding inhibits results, biblical foundations for solicitation, trends complicating gift attribution, the importance of analytics and more! Outcomes:

1) Avoid common response killers in online and offline direct-response fundraising,

2) Apply direct-response fundraising analytics to accurately assess a ministry's fundraising health while preparing for a significant growth in donations, and

3) Grasp how proper fund attribution helps shape expectations for online and offline giving, and examine trends in donor "channel-switching."

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge, Intermediate (builds on a basic program, most appropriate for persons in a mid-level position with operational and/or supervisory responsibilities), Prerequisite: 3+ years leadership experience or CCNL enrollment, Group Live. Session is worth 6 credits

Amy Sewell- Director of Digital Solutions

Amy Sewell

Douglas Shaw- Chairman/CEO

Douglas Shaw

Wiley Stinnett- Executive Creative Director/Sr. Vice President, Strategy & Insights

Wiley Stinnett