Outcomes Conference 2018


Start: Thursday, Apr 19 · 8:30 a.m.
End: Thursday, Apr 19 · 5:30 p.m.


  • John Van Drunen, Executive Vice President/General Counsel - ECFA
  • Kaitlyn Peyton, Staff Accountant - ECFA
  • Vonna Laue, CPA, MBA, Executive Vice President - ECFA

Organizations face new changes each day and finance and accounting personnel are called upon to provide leadership.This session will examine areas of key importance ranging from FASB accounting standards updates to how to communicate financial information effectively with a multitude of stakeholders within and outside your organization. Outcomes:

1) Understand key new requirements facing finance and accounting professionals,

2) Apply insights from what other organizations are doing to address these challenges, and

3) Communicate financial information effectively with ministry stakeholders.

Field of Study: Finance and Accounting, Basic, Group Live. Session is worth 6 credits

John Van Drunen- Executive Vice President/General Counsel

John Van Drunen

Kaitlyn Peyton- Staff Accountant

Kaitlyn Peyton

Vonna Laue, CPA, MBA- Executive Vice President

Vonna Laue, CPA, MBA