Outcomes Conference 2018

Christian Leadership Alliance is delighted to present the Outcomes Conference in Dallas at the Hyatt Regency Dallas!

And we are extremely grateful for all the benefits it brings to our members.

For many years, the Alliance moved its annual conference to different cities. With each move to a new venue the conference team had to navigate new layouts and hotel staff. When the conference surveys came back, much of the feedback centered around issues with the venue. What the team learned could not be transferred to a new location.

In 2014, Christian Leadership Alliance's staff and the Board decided that the Alliance could be more efficient and effective finding a site we could call 'home' over an extended period in time. Looking back in history, Dallas was the host city of the most successful conference in Christian Leadership Alliance's history. When other options were considered, well, they just didn't compare.

Five core reasons we call Dallas home for the Outcomes Conference:

  • Texas is among the top three Alliance membership states in the country.
  • Dallas is central to the country, making the time zone transition easy and the weather mild.
  • Dallas is known for its great transportation and how easy it is to fly in and out. Dallas has TWO airports within 22 miles of the Hyatt Regency Dallas
  • Dallas has a hotel venue that can accommodate all the learning experiences the Alliance has to offer with room to grow and has SUPERB customer service.
  • Dallas is extremely affordable which means controlled costs and consistent registration fees.
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    Discover all that Dallas has to offer within walking distance during your free time at the Outcomes Conference!