Outcomes Conference 2018

Hosted by CLA Advisory Council member Jeremy Reis, Director of Marketing, Food for the Hungry, this breakout is designed for resource development, marketing, communications, and IT professionals.

In this Relationship Roundtable Breakout you’ll evaluate together how to best connect with the hearts and minds of those God may call to support your Christian nonprofit organization. You’ll examine some of the most important trends in technology and communications, concepts that you must master for success in our rapidly changing ministry environment. And you will zero in on how to connect deeply with major givers who could be critical partners for your organization for years to come. You’ll also engage with presenters from the morning session. Plus, you’ll be able to process with and gain insight from your peers.

Field of Study: Communications and Marketing, Information Technology, Specialized Knowledge, Overview, Group Live. Session is worth 6 credits

Featured Thought Leaders:

Connie Hougland- National Christian Foundation Heartland

Connie Hougland

National Christian Foundation Heartland
TIm Kachuriak- Next After

TIm Kachuriak

Next After
Steve Kaloper- Development Services Group

Steve Kaloper

Development Services Group
Evan Lange- National Christian Foundation Heartland

Evan Lange

National Christian Foundation Heartland
Shannon Litton- 5by5

Shannon Litton

Jeremy Reis- Food for the Hungry

Jeremy Reis

Food for the Hungry
Chad Williams- FiveQ

Chad Williams


We are grateful for our Collaborative Relationship Roundtable Sponsor:

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