Outcomes Conference 2018

Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Hosted by CLA Advisory Council Members: Ray Chung, HR Professional, HOPE International and Christine Talbot, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, World Vision

Recruiting, Engaging and Leading Employees with Excellence

As the chief Human Resource officer for your organization, you’re tasked with recruiting, engaging and leading excellent staff teams. In this highly interactive forum, you’ll hear from proven experts who will help you explore how to find the right talent by building a compelling culture, and how to maximize employee engagement, which is the key to productivity, innovation, employee satisfaction and retention. You will also gain insight on what employees today are saying they most want their employers to know.



  • Find the right talent for your organization, and build a compelling culture that energizes their success
  • Assess your organization’s current levels of employee engagement, and implement a plan to increase engagement for a team, department or organization
  • Discover what new research says are the four main things that employees want their employers to know


Field of Study: Personnel/Human Resources, Advanced (focuses on the development of in-depth topic/subject area knowledge, most appropriate for seasoned professionals), Prerequisite: 5+ years leadership experience or CCNL enrollment, Group Live. Session is worth 6 credits

Thought leaders presenting include:

Ray Chung- HOPE International

Ray Chung

HOPE International
Debra Kellar- Denver Seminary

Debra Kellar

Denver Seminary
Robert McFarland- Transformational Impact LLC

Robert McFarland

Transformational Impact LLC
Christine Talbot- World Vision U.S.

Christine Talbot

World Vision U.S.
Dee Ann Turner- Chick-fil-A

Dee Ann Turner


Forum Space Limited: Pre-Registration Required Online (This forum is designed for an organization’s most senior HR officer).

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